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I reached out to the online chat. Had a quick and informative chat session, Called to sign up and it was a done deal. Quick and painless. The equipment arrived a few days later and setup was, plug and play.

- Josephus

My experience with Distributel's online chat support was amazing- I couldn't believe how quickly they were able to help me with my problem. They were so accommodating and kind, all online chat services should strive to be this good!

- Elle

We have been with Distributel since - well since it came to our area about 25 years ago and we have nothing but praise for the service and for the various help lines. Thank you for a good service.

- Joseph and Sheila

Had some questions regarding service and best choices for me. Vincent was amazing at answering my questions and giving suggestions on what would suit my needs, as well as offering other options to look at for speed and service. Was very happy with the support. Thank you.

- Diana

It's been only a few months i have the internet service but so far i'm happy with the service i had. No complaints from the first call to enroll (very patient and helpful agent) to the last one regarding change of personal info (marie-anne was courteous over the phone which is a must for a great customer service). In terms of connectivity there is no issue. You guys really deliver what you advertise! Sincerely, A happy customer!

- Hamidou

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Great website. Easy to follow. Prices nice and clear. With cable packages does not mention PVR info, unless I missed it. Thanks

Posted by Frank S on 01 Jun 2017

Randy was extremely polite and helpful. Efficient use of my time! Got to the bottom of the technical problem in no time by ruling out all other possible malfunctions... Thank…

Posted by Rolf B on 01 Jun 2017

Really like rates, especially overseas rates and service. Phone was dead this morning but came back on while writing this!

Posted by Clyde L on 31 May 2017

Randy was a great customer service representative, very calm and patient and very caring in finding the issue with our internet service! :)

Posted by Kandyce A on 26 May 2017

I'm quite happy with both, service and costumer assistance. In the 10+ yrs I was with another provider I never got my money worth. I've recommended Distributel to all my…

Posted by Gabriel M on 26 May 2017

I helped m,y friends who can not speak English to set their services few times. Everything was great and relatively quick. I like the checkout and the service in general.

Posted by Reem M on 24 May 2017

I needed to call in due to no internet and phone service. Randy was extremely helpful and got everything up and running again for me without an issue. 10/10 from…

Posted by Kelly F on 23 May 2017

two thumbs up

Posted by Stacey K on 23 May 2017

Junior a été empathique à ma situation, il a été patient en m'aidant à faire le troubleshooting et le problème s'est réglé rapidement, merci!

Posted by Catherine L on 19 May 2017

I love Distributel service, I been with you for almost 5 years no issue, good service. Thank you for your support.

Posted by JOHN I on 16 May 2017